Products shipped

Here are some of the more significant products I've shipped:

1 to N Products: 

  1. Squarespace Analytics 2.0 mobile app for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android - 4.9-star avg ratings in both stores! (Blog)
  2. Squarespace Standardized Analytics across pricing plans and platforms (Blog)
  3. Squarespace Analytics for Mailchimp Campaigns

0 to 1 Products: 

  1. Squarespace Analytics - Google Search Console integration (Blog)
    • Squarespace is the first CMS to integrate with Google Search Console to provide search keyword analytics
  2. Squarespace Analytics - Conversion Metrics for Forms, Buttons, Promotional Pop-ups (Blog)
  3. Squarespace Analytics - Geography Analytics Panel (Social)
  4. Automatic Fleet
    • A new subscription business line for SMBs and enterprises around fleet telematics for driver behavior and vehicle maintenance
  5. Automatic Data Insights products
    • Various... including a personalized driver profile & fuel efficiency tool using unsupervised machine learning / clustering to recommend what behavioral changes an individual driver should make to save money on gas, based on their historical driving behavior
  6. AutoSmog iOS app (5-star average) - first automatic smog check app in the US 
  7. Automatic Web Dashboard (product marketing)
  8. Automatic License+ teen driving product (product marketing)
  9. Automatic Consumer 1.0 - 3.0 (product marketing)
Squarespace Analytics for iPhone, iPad, Android

Squarespace Analytics for iPhone, iPad, Android

Automatic Fleet

Managing a fleet is hard. But it doesn't have to be. Upgrade your fleet with real-time location tracking, geofence alerts for your office and customer locations, and detailed trip history for every driver and vehicle. Retire those spreadsheets and start automating your business with check engine light diagnosis, maintenance reminders, and 24/7 crash alert and emergency response. Automatic Fleet: welcome to a smarter way of managing your fleet.