Hi, I'm Inga! I'm a product manager passionate about machine learning and its ability to hyper-personalize user experiences - to make people feel seen, known and valued. I’m also passionate about promoting diversity in tech and bringing more women into product.

I’m currently working on personalization & discovery products at Spotify, including owning the machine learning models that power Discover Weekly. I also lead the NYC chapter of Women in Product, a fast-growing community of over 800 women PMs in NYC and 10,000 globally. I’ve spoken on building machine learning products and user-centered data products at conferences across Europe and New York. 

Previously, I was the product lead for Squarespace's user-facing analytics products across web, mobile and platform. I joined as the third PM and helped revamp our PM interview process to grow the product team to over 20 PMs, while doubling the engineering team. Before Squarespace, I was a product manager at Automatic Labs, where I built products leveraging data science and machine learning to create actionable insights and personalized recommendations for drivers around fuel efficiency and car maintenance. Before transitioning into product, I was an early business hire at the 15-person startup, wearing many hats across strategic finance, business development, and product marketing. I also played a big role in securing our Series B round of funding. Automatic was acquired by Sirius XM in April 2017. Before Automatic, I was an investment banker at Jefferies working on technology M&A transactions and debt financing. It's been really interesting having sat on both sides of the deal table.

I am a proud UC Berkeley alum and tech is in my blood - my parents were software and hardware engineers in Silicon Valley, way back when Sand Hill Road was just another highway exit and engineering wasn’t that cool.

In my spare time, I organize tea experiences and try my hand at Japanese-style ceramics. I am obsessed with looseleaf tea and tea culture, and can usually be found eating noodles and scoping out new restaurants. My retirement job will be to start a tea company focused on sharing tea and tea culture with the world. I'm cataloguing the best coffee shops to work from at www.wfcoffeeshop.com.

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The Artist’s Way

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My Discover Weekly on Spotify

my go-to restaurant

Cocoron, no-frills soba shop in lower east side

favorite restaurant

Raku, best udon in new york, and possibly the united states

“The most calamitous failures of prediction usually have a lot in common. We focus on those signals that tell a story about the world as we would like it to be, not how it really is.” 

Competing Against Luck, Clayton Christensen