Product Management Resources

A lot of people ask me how to break into product management or what resources I recommend to improve on the PM craft. Here are a few of those recommendations, along with content I consume myself on a regular basis. I will caveat this all by saying that consuming resources will never make up for the learning experience of shipping products, so I encourage you to do just that - first and foremost, and then again and again, and to check out the below in parallel. 



Business Strategy

  • Stratechery Blog - it's the best $10 I spend every month. Ben Thompson provides his deeply thoughtful analysis on what's happening in the tech landscape right now. You will learn something new in almost every article he writes.


  • Book: Managing Humans
  • Hacker News
  • Talking to engineer friends. My closest circle of friends and family (mom, dad, uncles...) are almost all software and hardware engineers... coincidence? #blacksheep


  • I use many different products and apps on a regular basis for research and for fun - this includes apps I wouldn't normally use as a consumer. Do it! It's a great way to build up product design intuition.
  • Read the release notes of the apps you admire
  • While using all these different products, I mentally catalog -- or, if it's really good, screenshot -- design elements & interactions that I find are beautifully designed and/or are clever solutions to a common problem, such as... graphs (line weight, popups, animations, everything), custom date pickers, nav with horizontal scroll, onboarding tours, push notification copy, good information hierarchy especially on a nav bar, icon designs, native ways of collecting user feedback, ways of presenting machine learning features in a product - including the copy (e.g. Slack Highlights' "sorted scientifically"), how products ask for permissions...

Machine Learning