About Inga

I am currently a product manager of analytics at Squarespace in New York City. I focus on delivering actionable insights and analytics to the millions of people, from individuals to small businesses to entrepreneurs shaping the world's most iconic businesses, who have created their websites or online stores on Squarespace. It's really challenging, rewarding, and fun work - ultimately, we're helping our customers make smarter decisions about how to grow their business. (We're hiring!)

Previously, I was a product manager at connected car startup, Automatic Labs, where I managed their fleet and data insights products, which empowered everyday drivers and fleet managers with useful insights about their car health and driving behavior.

Prior to my role in product, I was the second business hire at Automatic, wearing hats across strategy, marketing, finance, operations and retail. From building Automatic's first financial and operating models, making board decks for two years, running paid acquisition (and finding the gold mine that is podcast sponsorships), and launching Automatic in Apple, Best Buy, Amazon, and Target stores...

I've learned countless lessons about what it means to scale a tiny 15-person startup to 100 people, launching three generations of hardware, iOS and Android apps, a web dashboard, and the first connected car app store. Having both a 30,000 ft perspective and the ground-level view of day-to-day operations during this growth was one of the great learning experiences of my life.

Before Automatic, I was an investment banker primarily doing Tech M&A transactions at Jefferies. I learned how to model in Excel in my sleep, how to craft a compelling story about a company to investors, and developed a love for keyboard shortcuts. I'm a proud Bay Area native and double majored in Environmental Economics and Policy, and Technology, Energy and Society at UC Berkeley. 

In my spare time, I love eating (Yelp Elite!), exploring new cities (Berlin is a new favorite), hiking (one of my best life experiences was trekking 80 miles of the Tour du Mont Blanc), and spending time in tea lounges and coffee shops.